Tokyo 1 Day Highlights Tour

  • Tokyo 1 Day Highlights Tour
  • Tokyo 1 Day Highlights Tour
  • Tokyo 1 Day Highlights Tour
  • Tokyo 1 Day Highlights Tour
  • Tokyo 1 Day Highlights Tour
  • Tokyo 1 Day Highlights Tour
  • Tokyo 1 Day Highlights Tour

Visit the very best attractions that Tokyo has to offer and cover all of the central locations that tourists love to visit. Everyone will be able to enjoy this tour.


We will visit the most famous spots in Tokyo to learn about Japanese history and modern culture that is rooted deep in each location.

The tour will begin in Asakusa, which has an old-style atmosphere. There we will visit the shopping street Nakamise Dori and the Sensoji Temple, which is home to the iconic big red paper lanterns. After learning the history of Japanese temples and shrines, we will move on to the modernized area and discover the electric town Akihabara. It is a mecca for anime and video game lovers, where we will also have lunch. In the early afternoon, we will head to Meiji Jingu Shrine, the most important Shinto shrine of Tokyo. Meiji Jingu is surrounded by greenery in the middle of the city, before diving in the heart of the young, fashionable, colorful district of Harajuku. We will enjoy street food on Takeshita Street, which is the epicenter of the Harajuku kawaii culture. In the late afternoon, we will see the crowd at the busiest pedestrian crossing in Shibuya and take a typical photo with the dog Hachiko. Then we will see Tokyo from above from the observatory on the 45th floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. The tour concludes with exploring the streets of the nightlife district of Shinjuku.


  • Visit the top 5 most popular districts in Tokyo
  • Visit the most important Shinto shrine in Tokyo (Meiji Shrine)
  • See the most famous temple in Tokyo (Sensoji Temple)


This tour will last 9 hours

  1. Meet in Asakusa – Nakamise Dori, Sensoji Temple
  2. Akihabara
  3. Meiji Jingu Shrine
  4. Harajuku – Takeshita Street
  5. Shibuya
  6. Shinjuku


- Lunch
- 1 order from a street food vendor
- Transportation cost
- Entrance fee

- Drinks
- Food, other than the one specified

Pickup services are not available for this tour

- English
- Italian
- Chinese

You are entitled to a full refund if you cancel 15 days or more before the start of the tour. If you cancel 14 days before the start of the tour, we will refund the amount paid less any non-recoverable upfront costs incurred by HATAGO on your behalf – rentals, admissions, reservations, etc.

If a cancellation is made less than 24 hours prior to departure, no refund is given.