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Yanaka Tour

Hatago Travel is hosting a FREE walking tour with tea ceremony in Yanesen Area, one of the best places in Tokyo to immerse yourself in shitamachi atmosphere.

You’ll first visit the Nezu Shrine, one of the most beautiful in Tokyo, and its slope of red torii gates. The walking tour continues along paved alleys, old houses, temples and precious small traditional gardens. Explore Yanaka Ginza with our guide and dive into the life of the locals among small second-hand kimono shops, traditional craft shops, and local stores.

During the tour there will be also a tea ceremony experience held in a traditional house in Yanaka.

The tour is free of charge and will be held on Wednesday February 5th at 14:30 PM.

Apply by filling out the form on this page before Sunday, February 2nd.

Selected candidates will be contacted in the morning of Monday the 3rd and will receive an email with all details.



    Our tour is not operating at the moment and we are working now in new products and services to travel in safety. We are also accepting inquiries from future travels