Japan National Holidays 2020

2020 will be a special year for Japan, mainly due to the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics*. In order to accommodate the events, several national holidays will be celebrated on different dates this year. The reason for this is to avoid traffic congestion and reduce rush hour frenzy.

National holidays itself are popular times for Japanese people to leave their city area and visit other ones. Some main attraction areas will be more crowded during national holidays and you may need to purchase train tickets in advance to secure a seat. Besides that, trains run as usual but may be less frequent. There also may be less restaurant choices to choose from.

Here is what the holidays for 2020 looks like:


Carp streamers are flown on Children’s Day

13 – Coming of Age Day


11 – National Foundation Day

24 – Emperor’s Birthday (February 23rd, postponed for celebrations)


3 – Hina Matsuri, female children’s day

20 – Vernal Equinox Day


29 – Showa Day

Go to the coast to celebrate Marine Day


3 – Constitution Memorial Day

4 – Greenery Day

5 – Male Children’s Day

6 – Constitution Memorial Day (additional day for Golden Week)


23 – Marine Day (2020 only)

24 – Sports Day (2020 only)


Summer holds smaller holidays and firework displays

10 – Mountain Day (2020 only)


21 – Respect for the Aged Day

22 – Autumnal Equinox Day


3 – Culture Day

23 – Labor Thanksgiving Day


* The events have been postponed but holidays remain on the same intended dates.

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