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Shibukawa Ikaho Hot Springs located in Gunma Prefecture, is called the “Three Famous Hot Springs of Joshu” together with Kusatsu Hot Springs and Shiman Hot Springs. In recent years, the local area has also provided many vegetarian dishes for tourists to enjoy.


Tourist and vegetarian spots

Matsumotorois located 5 minutes walking from Ikaho Stone Steps and the shopping district, and it is a place where many tourists choose to stay.

The vegetarian cuisine provided by the hotel is “a deep mountain kaiseki cuisine based on local fruits and vegetables”, allowing vegetarians to enjoy the flavor of kaiseki cuisine.

Restaurant Tamuraya

Tamaruya is a long-established udon noodle shop. It was founded in 1582 and started to provide Buddhist vegetarian cuisine in July 2017. In May 2020, the store opened a new cafe called はなnohana, where you can taste domestic wheat and homemade whole-wheat vegan bread.

Bukkosan Hosuiji Temple

In 2018, the largest Buddhist sect in Taiwan established Bukkosan Hosuiji Temple in Ikaho. For the vegetarian believers, the restaurant in the temple also offers a lot of vegetarian meals.

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