Beginner guide to Hanami

What will you think of when hearing about Japan? Cherry blossoms are a must item for Japan. There are lots of photos and videos about cherry blossoms during Spring every year, but do you really know how the Japanese enjoy the season? What is hanami? Hanami, meaning “flower viewing”, is the Japanese traditional custom of... View tour
Rainy Season Japan

Japan’s Rainy Season Pros & Cons

The beginning of Japanese summer is marked by tsuyu, the rainy season. The weather during the rainy season is unstable and rain can occur at any time. This season is usually characterized by light and misty rains with high humidity and high temperatures. Japan’s rainy season occurs during the transition from spring into summer. Atmospheric... View tour

Enjoy Cherry Blossom in Tokyo

One of the most popular timing to visit Tokyo is end of March-beginning of April, the season of cherry blossom blooming. The whole Tokyo turns in a pale pink wonderland and there are numbers of spots where you can enjoy beautiful cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo, called hanami.

Japanese New Year Traditional Celebrations

New Year, or Oshogatsu, is the most important holiday period in Japan for families to spend time together and keep traditions alive. All around the world, New Year is celebrated with fireworks, countdown and cheers with champagne. In Japan, New Year’s Eve is a quiet and familiar moment. Actually, fireworks in Japan is more of... View tour

Summer Fireworks in Tokyo

After June and rainy season, it’s time for Firework season in Tokyo! From the end of July to August, firework festivals are held almost every weekend in Japan. Japan has been enjoying fireworks since 1549 and Tokyo’s Sumida River was one of the first locations to watch firework displays. Since then, there are many other... View tour
Things To Do In Tokyo

Asakusa Events Not to Miss

With its charming Sensoji Temple and the enormous red paper lanterns at its entrance, Asakusa is one of the not-to-miss spots in Tokyo. It is an area of Tokyo where you can witness a traditional Japanese atmosphere and is also where many important and popular festivals are held. If you’re traveling in Tokyo during one... View tour

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