Japan Train Etiquette

Train Etiquette

Japanese culture consists of certain etiquette that are followed for certain things like the use of an onsen, how to eat with good table manners, and no surprise: how to behave on public transportation. Train etiquette is observed and followed closely in Japan. People everywhere always compliment the public transportation system here and its something... View tour

Japan National Holidays 2020

2020 will be a special year for Japan, mainly due to the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. In order to accomodate the events, several national holidays will be celebrated on different dates this year. The reason for this is to avoid traffic congestion and reduce rush hour frenzy. National holidays itself are popular times for... View tour

Japanese New Year Traditional Celebrations

New Year, or Oshogatsu, is the most important holiday period in Japan for families to spend time together and keep traditions alive. All around the world, New Year is celebrated with fireworks, countdown and cheers with champagne. In Japan, New Year’s Eve is a quiet and familiar moment. Actually, fireworks in Japan is more of... View tour

Tokyo by Night – How to Enjoy Like a Local

Tokyo is one of the most exciting cities on Earth and when the sun goes down. There is a variety of activities that you can enjoy at night.

Japanese Kimono: Accessories & Types

There are many types of kimono worn depending on the occasion, as well as various patterns and colors to match the different seasons.

Japanese Hot Spring – How to Soak in An Onsen

Japan is made up of 80% mountain areas and the vast majority of onsen are surrounded by nature, which makes hiking and onsen a great combination. Since ancient times, Japanese people have loved soaking in onsen not only to relax the body, but also to clean and refresh the mind while connecting with nature. The... View tour

Souvenirs from Japan

A word exists in Japanese, omiyage, that indicates the gift or souvenir that you give to someone rather than purchasing it for yourself. You are bound to find at least one “omiyage” store at every train station, airport and even the street corner that sells pre-wrapped local specialties, gadget and souvenirs. This means as far... View tour

Matsuri Manual: How to Enjoy Japanese Summer Festivals

In the summer season, several matsuri, Japanese festivals, take place all over Japan. Most of them are annual traditions to celebrate gods, seasons, and historical events. During the occasion, you can witness Japanese tradition and culture at the highest level. If you want to fully enjoy the real experience, make sure you're ready!

Public Etiquette in Japan

Japan is a top travel destination; there's no denying it. Everyone dreams of visiting this country and with the upcoming Rugby World Championships in autumn and next year's Olympics, the number of visitors is expected to grow even more. If Japan's charm is due to its culture, then it is a good idea to continue... View tour

Tokyo Shitamachi Areas With Old Atmosphere

Tokyo is not only a city of crowded streets, crazy shops and neon lights, but also has an old-style atmosphere that consists of narrow streets, wooden houses and Showa Era vibes. The shitamachi, old downtown area, looks almost practically unchanged compared to how it looked 70 years ago.