Best Photos of 2019

And just like that, another year goes by. What’s a better way to share our year than through photos? These were most liked and best photos taken in 2019, starting at #10 =)

10. Bon Odori

Bon odori is the name of the dancing style that is performed during Obon, a summer festival that honors those that have passed away. The dance signifies the welcoming of spirits and the choreography varies throughout the different regions in Japan. Dancers generally dress in yukata and dance along to live music – it’s a cultural experience that everyone can enjoy.

9. Ema

Ema are small wooden plaques that are found at Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines where one can write their prayers and wishes. Some general prayers include good health for friends and family, success in the work life, or success in the love life. There is a big variety of ema and it’s fun to see how they differ between temples.

8. Chureito Pagoda

It’s a long climb to the pagoda, 398 steps to be exact, but the view makes you forget that you’re tired. Chureito Pagoda, Mount Fuji, AND cherry blossoms – this trio makes for an iconic shot that represents Japan. This sight and its surrounding area is totally doable as a day trip from Tokyo in our Mount Fuji View Tour.

7. Shinjuku at night

Visiting this area of Shinjuku at night is a completely different experience than visiting it during the day. Shinjuku definitely comes to life at night – expect big crowds, constant noise, and bright lights everywhere you turn your head. Godzilla Road has plenty of restaurant options to choose from and you can get a peek of how Japanese people unwind in the evening. Or, you can experience it for yourself in a night tour with Hatago!

6. Koi Fish

Koi ponds that hold these beautiful carps are scattered throughout Japan. In Japanese culture, kois symbolize luck, prosperity, and good fortune.

5. Showa Kinen Park

Visitors can enjoy flowers, poinds, and also a bonsai museum at Showa Commemorative National Government Park. The park is adored by locals and tourists for its sceneries; see the cherry blossoms during the spring and enjoy the autumn foliage during the fall.

4. Hokokuji Temple

Hokokuji Temple’s main attraction is its bamboo forest which holds over 2000 bamboo stalks. A day trip to Kamakura wouldn’t be complete without a visit to this temple, where you can enjoy the zen atmosphere with a cup of matcha tea.

3. Kimono

The kimono is Japan’s national dress and and chances are high that you see someone dressed in one during your visit to Japan. Kimono literally translates to “thing to wear”. There are different types of kimonos and it takes some effort to put it on. Many visitors enjoy renting a kimono to get a full cultural experience – it’s something we highly recommend!

2. Fuji Shiba-sakura Festival

Shibasakura are flowers that bloom a little bit later than cherry blossoms. Every year around April-May, many people take a day trip from Tokyo to visit the base of Mount Fuji, where Fuji Shiba-sakura Festival takes place. It’s a sight to witness Mount Fuji as the backdrop to about 800,000 shibasakura flowers.

1. Chiara Ferragni and Hatago Travel


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We had the opportunity to host Chiara Ferragni, an Italian influencer and entrepreneur, in our Yanaka Tour and our Japanese Cuisine Tour. She opted for a kimono experience despite it being very hot in July. As mentioned before, wearing a kimono is a must-do while visiting Japan. It was a fun and memorable experience – the best one of 2019 for Hatago and for our followers!


That wraps up our best photos from 2019. 2020 is going to be an exciting year with new photos to share! Give us a follow on Instagram if you enjoyed these photos and want to see more.



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