Best Indoor Activities in Tokyo for Families

While it is a huge and busy place, Tokyo is also a fantastic city for traveling families. There is no shortage of things to do in Tokyo for families on beautiful sunny days such as wandering down Takeshita Street in Harajuku, visiting Disneyland, or exploring one of Tokyo’s many parks. However, when the sky turns grey and the umbrellas come out, it’s time to head indoors. 

Tokyo, of course, has something for all ages in any kind of weather. Here are our top picks of family-friendly attractions for rainy days in Tokyo. They’re all a great way to spend the day and keep the kids happy.


Mori Digital Art Museums

Mori Digital Art Museums

Located in Odaiba, these two museums (Borderless and Planets) are hugely popular with both adults and children alike, making it one of the best activities for families in Tokyo. Boasting colorful digital displays with lights, sounds, music and sensory experiences, it is one of the top things to do in Tokyo. It is recommended to book in advance as they may be sold out on certain days. Contact us if you need support to reserve your tickets.


Oedo Onsen Monogatari

Oedo Onsen

This is a family-friendly onsen that is combined with some Edo-style attractions. The rstaurants, shops and carnival games found here all have an ‘old Japan’ feel to them and gives you an idea of what Japan was like during the 1800s. After some eating and shopping, the whole family can relax in the onsen. There is a separate kids pool for babies that have not been potty-trained yet. Please be aware that like most onsens in Japan, tattoos are forbidden. 



For the scientist in everyone, The Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation hosts a play area for children and demonstrations of robots. Plenty of English information is provided at each exhibit and there is a range of hands-on activities guaranteed to keep the kids occupied for hours. The show of Asimo, The Robot will excite the whole family!


Pokemon Center and Cafe

Pokemon Center

With a range of locations across Tokyo, Pokemon Centers have tons of merchandise that fans will love to look through. The Pokemon cafe in Nihombashi is ideal for a drink or kawaii food – cute food related to Pokemon characters. A Pokemon cafe is a great option for a relaxing lunch that the whole family can enjoy together.

Sega Game Centre

Akihabara, known as the anime neighborhood of Tokyo, is also home to the Sega Game Center. It hosts various activities for everyone such as crane games to win a prize, video arcade games and Purikura – a photo sticker booth where you pose for pictures then decorate them with cute cartoons and symbols.

Akihabara Guided Tour with Maid Cafe Experience

Explore the world of anime, manga and games in Akihabara with a local expert guide. Play games in a Japanese arcade and have fun at the maid cafe. Tour includes cafe entrance and drink.


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A career never looked so fun! This is a place where children get to try out various jobs’ in the society of Kidzania and try their hands at different activities. English programs are also offered so if there’s a job your child wants to try, Kidzania is the place to go. It is not only a good place to spend time during a rainy day in Tokyo, but it is also a great chance for children to learn while having fun.



Tokyo Dome

One of the biggest indoor playgrounds in Tokyo, Asobono has brightly colored plastic toys of all kinds, plenty of equipment to climb and slide on, and a blue ball pit that the kids will love. Located at Tokyo Dome City, an interesting spot in central Tokyo with many interesting activities to do, or simply to relax at the spa. 

Sky Circus


This is a combined shopping centre, aquarium, observatory and a great chance to try some VR – Virtual Reality!  Other than a 360-degree panoramic view of Tokyo at 251-meters, it is possible to enjoy dizzying optical illusions of light and mirrors in a tunnel and experience terrifying thrills with the latest virtual reality (VR) technology to keep the kids occupied. 

Drum Museum

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Tokyo Drum Museum is an interactive museum that displays drums from all corners of the world, with the option to make some noise and try some of the drums out. It is located near Asakusa Station and is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

Tokyo Toy Museum

Toy Museum

Once an elementary school, Tokyo Toy Museum has something for all ages – toddlers to teenagers can happily play with various kinds of toys throughout various rooms. There is also a specific area to learn about traditional Japanese games with the staff.


Tokyo for Families

Tokyo Family Friendly Tour

A perfect tour for adults with children that mixes historical explanations with entertaining experiences.

Our tour is not operating at the moment and we are working now in new products and services to travel in safety. We are also accepting inquiries from future travels