Autumn Leaves around Tokyo

Between the mid of November and beginning of December, in Tokyo is koyo season, one of the best season to visit Tokyo. In many parks and gardens of Tokyo it’s possible to see the beautyful autumn colors, often enphasize with night time light-up.
This colorful scenery cannot only be seen in Tokyo, but if you’re a real nature lover,  you definetly should take a daytrip to enjoy autumn leaves around Tokyo. Here some idea on where to find spectacular autumn leaves near Tokyo:

Mount Takao

Also known as Takaosan, Mount Takao is located in the western area of Tokyo and can be accessed within 1 hour from the central Tokyo. The 599 m high mountain is a very popular hiking spot and attracts over 2.5 million visitors every year, especially in autumn leaves season. Mount Takao is a popular destination also for the cablecaer that runs in a tunnel of beautiful momiji and for the Yakuoin Temple and Tengu statue.
The best season to visit the mountain is in November, the season of colourful autumn leaves, and Momiji Matsuri (maple festival) will be held from 1st to 30th November.

Mount Mitake

Mount Mitake

In Mount Mitake, about an hour and a half by train from Shinjuku you can walk through the forest and enjoy the beautiful foliage and fresh air. The well-maintained promenade, stretching about four meters, is located near Mitake Station on the JR Ome Line, is perfect for hiking. You can also take the Mitake Cablecar,  20-30 minute walk to the Musashi-Mitake Shrine on the mountain’s summit (929 meters). On your way, you will pass a small village with many Japanese style inns, temple lodging and souvenir shops, which have been catering to visitors and pilgrims to Mount Mitake for centuries. It is believed that Musashi-Mitake Shrine has been serving as a center of mountain worship for almost 2000 years.

Okutama – Hikawa Valley

Okutama is an outskirt area in the western part of Tokyo, which offers majestic nature such as mountains, forests, river, valleys and lakes. It’s one of the most popular day trip destinations for outdoor activities such as hiking, nature tour, canyoning and more.
The rich nature of Okutama area offers the stunning view of autumn leaves along the several hiking trails where you can enjoy the gorgeous autumn colours while walking through the nature. It’s the best autumn leaves viewing destination for nature lovers!
The Tama River flows through the center of this town surrounded by numerous autumn color viewing spots, such as Okutama Lake.
Especially the area where the Tama and Nipparagawa Rivers meet is well worth the visit: maple trees, Japanese Judas trees, and ginkgo hang their vividly colored branches over the clear streams, making for an excellent viewing spot.


The small town of Nagatoro in Saitama sits in the famed Chichibu District with the town in its entirety being part of a nature park. The autumn leaves viewing in these parts centers on the Arakawa River and the Iwadatami rocks (designated as a “Place of Scenic Beauty”) that flank one side of the flowing waters. Boating is big business on these waters (typically “driven” by people brandishing long poles, the boats that is) so views to the surrounding autumn leaves from the pleasantries of a waterborne vessel could be a highlight for many. Tsukihoshi Momiji Park (about 1 km south of Nagatoro Station) is host to illuminations during the fall.Nagatoro in Saitama is the perfect fall getaway for the bleary-eyed Tokyoite. Highlights include watching the leaves reflected on the Arakawa River, seeing mountain foliage while riding the ropeway to the top of 497-meter high Mount Hodo, and enjoying koyo at night in Tsukinoishimomiji Park.

Five Lakes area

One of the most iconic view of Japan, the Chureito Pagoda, is one of the most beautiful views for autumn leaves around Tokyo. Easy way to get there is to take bus from Shinjuku station, but also the local train connect it to Kawaguchiko Station. Kawaguchiko is as well a great destination fot momiji view, with many momiji viewpoiint such as the Maple Tunnel, Momiji Corridor and the Panoramic Ropeway. All this location also offer great views of Mount Fuji, so definetly not to miss!

Hananuki Valley

Ibaraki Prefecture is perhaps not an area one would typically associate with dramatic valleys, but is actually another of the best autumn leaves viewing spots around Tokyo. With a suspension bridge, the Shiomitakitsuri Bridge, a 60m in length, that spans a narrow part of the valley and a small stream below where the visitors can get some sense of being in a tree canopy. The valley varies in depth and is home to waterfalls that add to the sense of being in amongst the nature.


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