About Us


We always do our best to organize and manage our services so that you receive the best tours and experiences


Our guides love to share their knowledge and own personal experiences and are happy to answer all your questions


Thanks to our customers’ honest feedbacks, we can evaluate and improve our services


We want to be a reference point for your stay in Japan and we will happily help you create and manage your plans

Hatago Travel’s mission

is to immerse you into Japanese experiences that range from discovering hidden gems, participating in historical traditions, to being part of the bustling modern lifestyle of Tokyo. Discover the highlights of Tokyo, Japan with one of our passionate and enthusiastic guides.

Thanks to our diverse team’s own curiosities, we are constantly creating new tours and experiences to offer our guests. Whether it’s the silence of a temple, the smoky air in an izakaya, or the noisy atmosphere of an arcade, our guides are ready to show you different sides of Tokyo.

Our tour is not operating at the moment and we are working now in new products and services to travel in safety. We are also accepting inquiries from future travels