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  • My wife, daughters (13 and 11) and I were eagerly anticipating our tour. We met our exceptional guide, Dice, at our hotel and traveled across Tokyo for the tour of the Meji shrine and Harijuku. Our guide was nice and very knowledgeable. The shrine was a “must do” on our itinerary, and did not fail to live up to the hype. After the shrine, we headed to the Monster Cafe. We were whisked into the establishment and ordered lunch. The atmosphere was unlike any establishment we had ever visited. The food, however, was somewhere between bad theme park fair and substandard hospital food. Although the Monster Cafe is something to see, sitting down for lunch was an entirely different story. We then turned to a tour of Harajuku. Again, our guide was exceptional, but we probably didn’t need a guide for this portion. Merely walk the streets was enough, but definitely having our knowledgeable guide was an added plus.

  • I had a great experience discovering Tokyo with Michela.
    She show me around the famous and the secret part of Tokyo.
    We entered in some small sthreets and underground bars with no tourist at all!
    The most interesting: she talk about Japanes history and actual culture making the day unforgettable!

    Giulio P
    Shibuya, Japan
  • Was a very interesting and well organised day. Our tour guide was very informative and it was good to see some of the countryside. Views of Mt. Fuji and from the top of the Hakone ropeway are very weather dependent and we were fortunate to have brief gaps in the clouds/mist to see Mt. Fuji but had no visibility from the top of Hakone. Our lunch was interesting and all in all the tour was well worth it. We returned by Shinkansen which is advisable as the bus trip is long and would be slower on return because of traffic.

    Hillcrest, South Africa
  • Dice was informative and attentive to details. We enjoyed the tour as if we were sight seeing with a friend. He had our interests in mind and customized to our likings. We chose the Japanese tea ceremony and I wore a kimono for the tour. Very happy clients!


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Hatago Travel’s mission is to immerse you into Japanese experiences that range from discovering hidden gems, participating in historical traditions, to being part of the bustling modern lifestyle of Tokyo. Discover the highlights of Tokyo, Japan with one of our passionate and enthusiastic guides.


Thanks to our diverse team’s own curiosities, we are constantly creating new tours and experiences to offer our guests. Whether it’s the silence of a temple, the smoky air in an izakaya, or the noisy atmosphere of an arcade, our guides are ready to show you different sides of Tokyo.

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